Divinity original sin 2 rogue build

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Divinity: Original Sin 2 Store Page. Global Achievements. Leoscar View Profile View Posts. By rogue I mean a build centered around dual wielding daggers, using scoundrel spells, all of that on Ifan.

Backstab damage is alright still not as high as I hopedbut why would I bother going for backstabs if I can do more damage with a giant sword? It's possible that I simply lack equipement, but still, I think I should be able to do more damage on the current state.

Showing 1 - 15 of 23 comments. Originally posted by Leoscar :. Originally posted by volx :. Yeah, I suspect good equipment is what you're lacking because my rogue did the highest spike damage in my party; between her ability to strike from behind, chicken, sever tendons, and similar low cost, high damage, abilities, she was invaluable in combat.

I could take out any single - non boss - target in one round with my rogue, guaranteed. Most important part of playing Rogue is the Chicken Tendies Combo.

Even if you're not doing great with rogue, nothing beats the chicken tendies meme. Stabbey View Profile View Posts. Equipment is bad at the start, which hurts Rogues the most since they have fewer points into CON, their armor is only average at both armor types, and their weapons are the weakest.

Rogues need new daggers every single level.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Overpowered Scoundrel Guide

Take the Pawn. Pyromus View Profile View Posts.

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Don't touch wits on a rogue. Backstab auto crits so you don't need to worry about their crit chance. Start off with backlash basically every fight, and don't be afraid to use adrenaline or chameleon cloak. Always get backstab range if you can. Don't use dual wield, it does less damage boosting than scoundrel or warfare.

Finesse doesn't scale like it did in DOS 1. Get Finesse to 13 first for fitting requirements. Only thing that does more damage than my rogue is 2-H and it's not as fun or flexible, to me.Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. Rogue is not a useless class, it deals enormous damage to a single target and gives utility and overall control over a battlefield.

Those who complains about the low damage capabilities of this class probably don't know that elemental damage in the game scales from the corresponding magic school and physical damage scales from warfare. So, if you want to deal proper damage using daggers and the scoundrel skills, you should also invest points into warfare, which among other things gives you an additional useful set of abilities.

Besides that, the necromancy school is useful for rogues, especially elven rogues flesh sacrificesince it allows to heal and also deals physical damage. And the polymorph school might be useful, giving you the chameleon cloak and more utility.

divinity original sin 2 rogue build

Lets talk about what is actually relevant. At the character selection they dont show the Rogue with those awful shoulder things. Rouge is totally underpowered class for now compared to archers and summoners classes due to low dagger and skills damage.

At least before level 10 rouge damage output is times! So the imbalance is obvious: rouge can make cool circus things at battle, but he can't do enough damage on Tactic difficulty.

And the fact that if you do play an elf, it's better to take the skill Chloroform instead of adrenaline during character creation, because you can get Adrenaline before the first battle. Might want to add that if you play an elf, you can get Adrenaline for free at the beginning of the game from the Finn's body part.

Sign In Help Sign Out. Toggle navigation. Search Results. Join the page discussion Tired of anon posting? Submit Submit Close. Load more.While we wait patiently for Divinity: Fallen Heroes, which is due out sometime later this year, I thought it would be a good idea to sort of index the Builds I have made, and point players in the right direction if they are having trouble selecting one.

The first thing to establish when choosing a Build is quite obvious and that is whether or not you want to be a Melee or Ranged character. Not only will they help you decide which is right for you, but also how to play alongside these archetypes in combat.

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Melee Builds utilize Weapons to deal close combat damage, and generally have a much heavier focus on Physical Damage than Magic Damage. In combat they will need to move to their target, which can sometimes be problematic, but they have the advantage of dealing very high damage with basic attacks. Ranged Builds deal damage primarily with Spells or Bows from far away, usually keeping them out of danger.

divinity original sin 2 rogue build

These can be more difficult to play earlier in the game when there are less Skills available to choose from. While all three of these are comprised of close range combat, they all have very different ways of doing this.

Warriors, for example, focus mainly on Strength, dealing predominantly Physical Damage with Weapons. Rogues focus on Finesse, and will generally use dual Daggers, dealing Physical Damage with their Daggers.

Battlemages focus on Intelligence, dealing Magic Damage of some type with their Staff and spells.

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Dual Wield is not typically used, because it does less damage on average vs. Warrior Builds will mainly use Warfare Skills to deal damage, but can also use Polymorph Skills to help add further abilities to their rotation. The following are some Warrior Builds I have created, with notes about each:. This allows them to deal significant Fire Damage, while pumping Finesse, which increases their Physical Damage with Spears.

Rogues are essentially Warriors that use Daggers and Finesse to deal damage to enemies. You must have at least one Dagger equipped in order to use many Scoundrel Skills, so this part at least is not optional, and is really what separates Rogues from Warriors.

Daggers do less damage than other One-Handed Weapons, almost forcing Rogues to Dual Wield them in order to deal good damage. The following are two Rogue Builds I have created, with notes about each:. Battlemage Builds are essentially Warriors that use Staves to deal Magic Damage, and generally use spells from their chosen school of magic as well.

They are a bit of a hybrid between Ranged and Melee, but they usually select spells that work well at close range, making them skewed much more towards the Melee side of things. These Builds can be harder to play as a new player, but can be devastating if played well.

The following are two Battlemage Builds I have created, with notes about each. I have not added the Elemental Champion Build here, because it is the one Build that was gutted by the Definitive Edition changes.The Elusive Enchanter is a Mage Build that utilizes Aerotheurge and Hydrosophist spells in order to keep enemies disabled and crowd controlled. Frozen and Stunned enemies cannot take an action on their turn, while Chilled enemies have reduced Dodge chance and Movement, and Shocked enemies have reduced Dodge chance and Action Points.

The reason these two Schools synergize well together is because Wet enemies take more Air and Water Damage, and can be Frozen and Stunned more easily, which makes Rain benefit both of these Skill lines because it sets the Wet status effect in a rather large AoE. The best way to begin this Build is to take the Enchanter Class during Character Creation, and change your Attributes to 3 points into Intelligence. Enchanter makes the perfect starting Class for my Elusive Enchanter build…who would have thought?

Weapon-wise, you can go in two different directions if you wish. You can use Wand and Shield or Dual Wands. Both will work, but they come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Of the two, I suggest using Dual Wands since these both can come with Intelligence and Critical Chance buffs, and you will have cooldowns early on that leave you with nothing to do.

Having Dual Wands ensures you still deal decent damage when this occurs, but as you progress the game becomes less of an issue, particularly if you take the Skin Graft Skill.

So later on you may opt for a Shield for extra protection. Wands are not only good for buffing stats with this Build, but they are effective while things are still on cooldown. Armour-wise you will be using Intelligence-based Armour, as that is where the majority of your Attribute points will lie. This means you will have exceptionally high Magic Armour, particularly because you can use Armor of Frost to boost it even higher.

Just make sure to focus enemies that deal Physical Damage, so they cannot attack you. Elusive Enchanters begin the game with 1 point into Aerotheurge and 1 point into Hydrosophist. This means at Level 4 you should have 2 Aero, 2 Hydro and 1 Poly, and have access to nearly all Skills for this Build until you reach Driftwoodsince vendors gain new Spells once you reach level 4.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds - Duelist (Rogue)

You can also put 1 point into Warfare to take Executioner if you wish, but that is up to you. This one will carry you through most of the game, but you can drop it later on if you find you no longer need it. A must have for any Hydrosophist Mage, because you can make this happen by simply casting Rain.In this guide, we're going to go over four epic Original Sin 2 builds with vastly different focuses, from a stealth assassin to a masochistic necromancer who revels in taking damage.

With any of these builds, you could either co-op or even potentially solo your way through the game. With this build, you always want to be positioned behind an enemy for backstabbing and generally avoiding detection.

On the attribute side, Finesse is probably a better idea than Strength. Don't discount Wits though, as you get a bonus to initiative and critical chance. For your ability points, you want to put your points into Scoundrel for the critical bonus, and of course Stealth for the sneaking.

On the skills, Adrenaline is a must for getting enough action points to kill with a backstab in one turn. Throwing Knife and Backlash also lets you deal backstab damage, while Chloroform can knock out an enemy at the end of your turn without breaking stealth.

If you go for a secondary ability beyond Scoundrel, oddly enough Polymorphing can be helpful, since it lets you fly around and avoid terrain or remove all negative status effects quickly. The Polymorphing skill Chamelon Cloak gives you two turns of pure invisibility without breaking stealth. Warfare isn't nearly as useful as you'd think, since many of the associated attacks aren't helpful for backstabbing and Scoundrel already gives you a bonus to Finesse-based attacks.

So long as you pick skills that don't break stealth and you have a weapon that benefits from the high Finesse, you can essentially cheese your way through any combat by staying hidden and then quickly backstabbing or knocking an enemy unconscious before they react.

divinity original sin 2 rogue build

Getting items early that provide teleportation abilities will be a must so you have maximum mobility. You will generally have lower armour ratings, since you are focused on staying hidden, meaning that status effects will hit you more often.

The game is also a good deal slower and more tense if you are always sneaking and having to pay attention to line-of-sight cones.

Rogue Assassin Build. Put either two points into the Necromancer skillor one in Necromancer and one in Warfare for the bonus damage.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds Guide – Knight, Rogue, Battlemage, Ranger, Best Skills

When you level up, place your combat points into Retribution. For your weapon, you probably want a big two-handed weapon that does the most base damage possible with devastating criticals.

From the Necromancer side, you absolutely want the Bloodsucker ability, which lets you heal from the ever-present pools of blood on the ground. You may also want to invest in the Leech talent to automatically heal from blood sources if you aren't going the solo route.What are builds, you ask?

So, what kind of build should you use? That depends on a lot of factors - different people do well with different builds. Not only can you summon this gigantic incarnate, you can also do heavy attacks yourself! This build combines summoning, warfare, and pyro skills to pack a punch. The key to this build is the master of sparks spell, which sends flaming sparks flying during melee attacks. Another important part is your incarnate, which you should summon in flames.

The great thing about rogues is that they can go in for the kill and then sneak out, and this build helps you do that even better. It focuses on scoundrel skills, warfare skills, finesse, and wit so that rogues can do massive critical hits. It also helps that elves have flesh sacrifice as a natural ability, which makes this build do even more damage.

Are you a pyromaniac? Do you like making things explode? The pyro skills in this build will let you burn the battlefield to a crisp, while your geomancer skills give you the option to make it explode.

You can grow horns, tentacles, and wings, and even turn your opponents into chickens! Though this two-handed build deals a great amount of damage, it also makes sure that your character lives to see their enemies fall. Do you like using spells to cause mass destruction? If so, this build might be the one for you. Here we have another build that involves summoning.

This one is especially great fordoing ranged attacks from afar, while your incarnate deals the melee attacks. With different types of elemental arrows, this build can seriously damage magic armor, but it can also do physical damage if needed.

In short, the elemental archer can deal with all types of enemies on the battlefield. I say that being able to take hits while also doing great damage is definitely a win-win.

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Overall, this build is good as a shield for protecting party members, which is always welcome! Skip to main content. Level up. Earn rewards. Your XP: 0. Updated: 20 Dec pm. Build your party into a team that'll make enemies cower in fear! BY: Elizabeth H. So, what kind of builds have you tried in DOS2? What summoner of sparks excels in: High intelligence stats increase the damage of your spells. Having more than 10 summoning points gives you a god-tier incarnate.

Being able to buff both yourself and your incarnate gives you an extra advantage!Since the game is extremely difficult this has come much more into focus than one would expect. The Duelist is a high risk, high reward Build whereby the character focuses on high damage and Dodging. Level 15 Duelist.

The Duelist will focus on Finesse and Wits. Wits will grant you Critical Chance as well as Initiative and is useful for spotting traps and other valuable items around the map. I recommend putting points into these two Attributes in a roughly ratio.

Finesse and Wits are the two most important Attributes for this Build. You want to hit hard and often, as well as go first in combat with the Duelist. Duelists utilize Armour that requires Finessewhich means you will have a balance of Physical and Magical Armour. This will ensure you get the bonus from Parry Master, as well as allow you to utilize Scoundrel Skills. There are a couple good pairs of Daggers you can get early on. These will help get you going until there is a better selection of gear to choose from.

As a Duelist you will want at least 3 points into Scoundrel so you can use the bulk of the Skills there 5 points if you want Mortal Blow and you want 10 points into Dual Wielding and 10 points into Warfare. Dual Wielding will not only increase your damage, but will also increase your Dodgingwhich is important for this Build.

Keep in mind you will need 1 or 2 points in Warfare early on so that you can use Warfare Skills as well. Dual Wielding will not only increase your damage, but your Dodging, which is key for this Build. Warfare will not only increase your Physical Damage, but your Piercing Damage as well. Parry Master — I think this one is obvious by now, but I have to mention it here because it belongs in this section.

The one Talent this Build cannot live without, so take this first thing. Opportunist — Pretty much a must for any melee sort of Build. The Pawn — Excellent for any melee character. Helps you get in range so that you can use a gap closer to start the fight without using any AP.

Hothead — A great way to increase your overall damage output. Very good for this sort of Buildbecause you will have very high DPS, so you may be able to burn down a target or at least CC them before they get an attack using this skill.

This should be the first skill you use at the beginning of the fight, if you are in range of your target. It can Backstabso try to aim for an enemy whose back is already facing you for best results. Hard to find many Skills this good with no downside.

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